The NED Foundation Supports The Social Developers' Network


What is Social Development?

Social Development is the Intersection between Community Development and Personal Development.

Many citizens in Australia and elsewhere give generously of their time and energy to contribute to the wellbeing of the local community and the wider society. Some seek a group where ideas and plans can be discussed in an open way, and where constructive feedback and support can be provided.


What is The Social Developer's Network (SDN)?

  • The Social Developers' Network is a non-profit, free association of people with a commitment to personal and social development.
  • Social Developers meet at national and regional workshops, to contribute and share knowledge and experiences.
  • Between workshops Social Developers keep in touch in person, by phone and mail, and online.

How Did SDN Begin?

In 1975 two long-standing friends, John Russell from Melbourne and Ned Iceton from Armidale organized a first workshop with personal contacts who were interested in social change. From this, new people became involved, in more groups, and the concept of social development began to emerge. Ned began a newsletter to link people between workshops, began holding regional workshops and planned the first national one, held in 1980.


From the SDN website:

"Our purpose is to be creative and action-oriented: we constantly seek explanations which emerge from action in the world. We are equally interested both in individual people and in the wider social and ecological systems on which our collective wellbeing depends."

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