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Hull made the choice to begin increasing the quality of life for residents and members of the community. They trained 25,000 people who work with young people, from schools to community centers to law enforcement agencies, across the city to change things for the next generation and create a restorative city.

Restorative Justice is a range of processes that advocates that the people most effective at finding a solution to a problem are the people who are most directly impacted by the problem, creating opportunities, for those involved in a conflict to work together to understand, clarify and resolve the incident and work together towards repairing...

Mainstreaming Restorative Justice in South Australia’s Criminal Justice System: A Response to the Over‑Representation of Indigenous Offenders

Alexandra Smith


John Braithwaite, a leading advocate for restorative justice, stated that:

There can be no justice in a world without connectedness and empathy; at...

Discovering Restorative’s True Potential - Free Webinar Terry O'Connell, Kerrie Sellen and Paulo Moratelli are offering a FREE webinar to talk about how Restorative Practice can be used to significantly improve your practice. We are experienced restorative practitioners who over many years have learned how to use ‘restorative’ as a relational...

'Restorative Practices is an approach to discipline and relationship management that can transform the climate of a school and strengthen relationships between students, and between teachers and students, laying the foundation for improved academic and personal outcomes in education. This RPforSchools site was established by a secondary school...