Narratives of Climate Change Symposium - 5 - 6 July 2018

The University of Newcastle, the Griffith Climate Change Response Program and the School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University invite you to attend the Narratives of Climate Change Symposium.

5 - 6 July 2018

“The Symposium’s content, timing and attendees mean it is set to be one of the most seminal conferences on the theme in years” Jacquie Svenson, Solicitor, Newcastle Legal Centre.

The Narratives of Climate Change Symposium is an interdisciplinary collaboration inspired by the possibility that the gap between scientific knowledge and effective political, legal and social action can be bridged by alternative forms of narrative, incorporated into and developed by artistic creations, works of fiction, social and other media, performances of all types including theatrical, activist and absurdist, visionary planning and innovative litigation.

The Symposium envisages a partnership between the “three As”: Academia, Arts and Activism and is structured around four key topics:

• Climate Justice
• Activism
• Climate Science
• Storytelling

Arts Exhibition (NeW Space): Five artists will be exposing their artwork during the event, including paintings, sculptures, visual and sound installations;

Music, Visuals and Short-film Exhibition (Tower Cinemas):  The Tower Cinemas has been functioning for over 40 years in the heart of Newcastle’s inner city. The short-film exhibition will include short-films by Paul Fletcher, Lecturer in Animation at the University of Melbourne and Claudia Hill’s experimental short film Kŏnˈvoi, which is running at international film festivals (London, Athens, Lisbon, Santiago, Taipei) and was presented as a film installation at HAU; Hebbel am Ufer Berlin.

“Walking the Solar System” project (NeW Space): This Artistic Response invites the attendees of the Narratives of Climate Change Symposium to Walk the Solar System in the ‘Gathering’ area of NeW Space, the Symposium venue.