NED Foundation is looking for people whose values and goals align with ours. If you too have been asking ‘what does the world need now?’ and have come up with an idea for a project that will contribute to the evolution of transformational change, we would love to hear about it.

Projects which work with community development, restorative & regenerative practices and that contribute to the following may be considered:

  1. “Seeding support” which creates opportunities for the research and development of an idea.
  2. Projects which support the personal/professional development and growth of an individual
  3. Place-based or issues-based community development projects where a local context has been established and which link with and contribute to community development in their location or context.

Please talk with our Project Coordinator, Lesley Shuttleworth, who can answer your questions and assist you through our process:

We invite you to walk a journey with us – step by step!