A recent article from the International Institute of Restorative Practices (IIRC), outlines the implications to, and value of, Restorative Practices during the current Covid-19 medical and social crisis. 
  • They indicate the role that principles of Restorative Practices can play in engaging with family, work, friends and community.
  • They highlight the particular importance right now to connect with people via online tools while we are perhaps working from home or in some degree of social containment or isolation.
  • They mention teachers setting up Restorative Circles via Google Hangouts or Zoom meetings.
  • They mention the role that RP can play in determining workplace fair process while people are working remotely.
  • They 'trust that restorative practices will prove useful for developing resilient responses in these trying times.’
The NED Foundation is very supportive of The Australian RP community, encourages adaptation, and welcomes the insights of IIRC in this time of transformation.
The article can be viewed on their website.