NED foundation's mission is in 'fostering social and personal evolutionary processes'.

It might be proposed that social and personal evolution is possible to the extent there is voice equity.

Finding our own voice is sometimes a lifelong mission. But it begins in school.

We post this video here because it may be inspiring to teachers and others involved in education and other early childhood development.

Watch the video on YouTube, if you prefer.


Video description: 'Want to learn how to make your school or classroom one that gives every child the opportunity to find their voice? We believe language is the key to unlocking every child’s potential. The Rollins Center for Language & Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School offers free online language and literacy training for all teachers of children from Birth to 3rd grade on its Cox Campus.'

Cox Campus is an 'international virtual and in-home learning solution', based in Atlanta, USA.

'Educators and families are facing unique challenges during this time. The Cox Campus is your go-to place for free professional development, teaching resources, and more.