Brene Brown on Collective Vulnerability

Brené Brown refers to the pandemic as "a massive experiment in collective vulnerability."

"This pandemic experience is a massive experiment in collective vulnerability. We can be our worst selves when we’re afraid, or our very best, bravest selves. In the context of fear and vulnerability, there is often very little in between because when we are uncertain and afraid our default is self-protection. We don’t have to be scary when we’re scared. Let’s choose awkward, brave, and kind. And let’s choose each other."

And she reminds us:

"These are anxious times. I hope you are well, taking care of yourselves, and finding a way to connect with people you love. If you are a healthcare worker, social worker, counselor, first responder, store employee, food delivery person, or anyone out there on the frontlines: Thank you. You are our heroes. We owe you so much. If you are someone who loves a frontline person: Thank you. We also owe you so much."

Here is a link to her blog, from which you also can access her podcast: "Unlocking Us"

Casandra Brené Brown PhD, LMSW is a professor, lecturer, author, and podcast host.