Welcome to the NED Inc. Grant Scheme.

We are a not-for-profit organisation established for the purpose of supporting people and organisations, who share our vision to develop and implement initiatives that contribute to our broad goals which are:

  • building a life-enhancing, inclusive ethos;
  • improving linkages, mutual acceptance and co-operation;
  • maximising our human potential at the levels of:
    • the individual person,
    • communities everywhere,
    • global society;
  • steering ourselves effectively and collectively towards a future for our planet, by building capacity to foster and support social change. Our work with the Social Developers Network is complementary to our work through our grants program.
  • promoting and supporting Restorative Practice.

This is a community-focused initiative and we know that many people who need our support do not necessarily have experience in developing projects and funding applications. Because we want to support initiatives that often ‘fall between the cracks’ and do not attract other kinds of funding, we will help you to develop your ideas and help with completing an application. We may, in some situations, be able to provide access to someone with specialist knowledge, relevant to your project, as an additional support if your project is funded by us.

It is important that you talk with our Grants Manager, Lesley Shuttleworth, before submitting an application. We advise that our guidelines and application process are currently being redeveloped to align with a commitment to regenerative practices.

Please contact: Lesley Shuttleworth

Phone (03) 9819 3439 0r (03) 9819 3239

Mobile 0428 488 215


Our process works like this:
  • Discuss your project idea with our Grants Manager who can help you to develop your idea if required.
  • Application forms are to be lodged with the Grants Manager who will assist if needed.
  • Applications are assessed and a recommendation is made to the NED Board
  • The NED Board makes the final decision on allocation of funds
  • Applicant is notified of the outcome of their application by e-mail or phone
  • A contract is forwarded
  • Once the signed contract is received, funds are paid (usually by transfer into the applicant’s bank account)  
  • Mentoring and support is offered for all funded projects
  • On completion of the project we request
    • An evaluation and project report
    • Evidence that funds have been acquitted and the return of any remaining funds.
    • Photographs or video clips for inclusion on our website
    • Relevant permission forms (supplied by us) to include images and reports on our website
  • An invitation to attend an SDN workshop will be sent at an appropriate time

Further information about the process, is in the document "Ned Grant Guidelines" - see download link below.

Application forms