How Did the NED Foundation Begin?

The NED Foundation is the Will-project of Ned Iceton.

Ned Iceton died on 30 June 2015

Ned Iceton spent the last 23 years of his life making connections with, and and fostering connections between, people who, like him, believe that we humans will have to speedily undergo our next cultural-evolutionary steps if we are to survive as a species.

He built a network of mutual support, to link individuals who seek to make personal and socially developmental change for either specific or general purposes. Ned worked in a process-oriented way, i.e. he did not himself have a particular personal content-field of interest, but was keenly aware that the necessary evolution of humanity will have to embrace interconnected change in all areas and subjects. His interest was in that general process.

Ned Iceton left a foundation to continue promoting creative social development. This website is the online face of that foundation. The foundation's mission is to support social and community activists.

The NED Foundation arose from a group of interested people who supported Ned in devising the practical and philosophical basis for such a vision.

Seven people, including Ned, formed an Interim Board in 1997, with this specific purpose in mind. Others are playing the role of consultants and are invited to lend their practical, inspirational or financial support.

The Board meets at least once a year to discuss the current state of development and to consider the next necessary steps.