NURTURING EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT INC is a charity registered with The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

We are also known as NED Foundation, and as NED Foundation Australia

We have been registered as a charity since 1 July 2018.

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Our Purpose

  • Promoting reconciliation, mutual respect and tolerance between groups of individuals that are in Australia.
  • Advancing education

Our Activities

Our summary of charitable activities, as reported to ACNC, 22 February 2022:

  • NED Foundation approved and funded selected public benefit projects as well as Restorative Practice initiatives.
  • It also organised, managed and funded SDN Workshop events during the year.
  • The NED Foundation members were directly involved in multiple community support activities, and the organisation's resources were applied to assist these activities.

Our Programs

ACNC defines a program as:

  • An activity or service that a charity runs (whether it be ongoing or temporary, small or large) to pursue its charitable purpose for its beneficiaries.

We have 3 programs registered:

A. Restorative Practice & Restorative Justice.

  • ACNC Classification: Restorative justice

Our web presence for our RP & RJ work:

B. Public Benefit Projects

  • ACNC Classification: Grantmaking

Our web presence for our project grants:

C. Social Development Network (SDN)

  • ACNC Classification: Adult Education

Our web presence for SDN :

Our People

  • Damien Lynch - Role: Director
  • David Crew - Role: Director
  • David Purnell - Role: Secretary
  • John Russell - Role: Director
  • Kathryn McLachlan - Role: Vice-president
  • Mary Porter - Role: President
  • Michael Maher - Role: Director