The NED Foundation is a non-profit organisation established for the purposes of fostering social and personal evolutionary processes within Australia and the world.

The foundation's mission is to support social and community activists.

The Initiating Mission Statement

NED affirms the life-enhancing importance of fostering co-operative and mutually supportive relationships among Australian citizens. We seek the emergence of an invigorated, unifying Australian ethos, and then beyond this we advocate an Australian role in helping humanity steer itself to secure a future on the Earth. In point form we want to see:

  • a life-enhancing, inclusive ethos;
  • improved linkages, mutual acceptance and co-operation;
  • a maximising of our human potential at the levels of :
    • the individual person,  
    • communities everywhere;
    • global society; and thus
  • steering ourselves effectively and collectively towards a future for our planet, by
  • building whatever level of world cultural convergence is necessary to energise effective, comprehensive global action on global issues.

Action Strategy

The Foundation's main action strategy is to use NED volunteers to assist and encourage individuals and groups to adopt the principles of 'involvement', and in each person's case to do this through a broad, species-nurturing, interpersonally developmental approach to how they tackle their particular specialised work role or field of interest.

Individual activists are thus encouraged to adopt the Taoist maxim: "Follow me, the wise man said, but he walked behind". Personal contact and word-of-mouth are centrally important in our process, and are basic to the way we have been coming together as a Board to develop our mutuality and derive productivity out of our differences.