Restorative Practice Seminar Series 2022 / 2023

The February 2023 session was with David Moore

The February 2023 session was with David Moore.

NED Foundation has been supporting monthly Restorative Practice (RP) community of practice Zoom gatherings.

This initiative now evolves into a bimonthly seminar series, as a way of enabling Restorative Practitioners to share their personal stories and challenges in their specific streams of RP.

The schedule for 2022 and into 2023 is online. A page has been created to convey information about the sessions and to allow you to express interest in receiving an invitation. The page is on our associated site, Australian Restorative Mapping.

The most recent session was on October 13, David Moore, an experienced facilitator and educator discusses key lessons from 3 decades of work in restorative practices in Australia and internationally. View video of the session.

Coming up Next, on Thursday, April 13, 2023 at 17:30:
  • Restorative Work in a Place Based Context, with David Crew

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Australian Restorative Mapping

The NED Foundation has long had a strong commitment to an explicit restorative culture in both the way it works as an organisation and also how it relates to those with whom it works.
NED seeks to support and nurture restorative practice, and to this end, has established a restorative practice mapping site (link is external).
The site provides a platform for both individuals and organisations to represent their restorative engagement, and also to share their stories.
The information on the mapping site is provided by the individual or organisation, and their presence on the site is not an endorsement by the NED Foundation.
Should you wish to explore the possibility of yourself or your organisation having a presence on the mapping site, please contact Ian De Landelles, by using our contact form

NED Foundation Supported Projects

NED Foundation is looking for people whose values and goals align with ours. If you too have been asking ‘what does the world need now?’ and have come up with an idea for a project that will contribute to the evolution of transformational change, we would love to hear about it.

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Supported Projects - A Sample of 3

Welcome auditorium full house

In 2019 NED supported Transition Towns Australia Inc to run a Convergence in Melbourne attended by 120 people from 56 local grassroots sustainability groups.

There were presentations from Sustain, Extinction Rebellion, School Strike 4 Climate, Darebin Council, Retrosuburbia, Beyond Zero Emissions, Transition Streets, Cohousing, New Economy Network Australia, Transition Darebin and Project Drawdown.

The theme was Networks for Action.

Richard Swain, Ngarrindjeri Elder Uncle Moogy Sumner and Yuin Elder Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison at 'Nariong"

In 2020 NED Foundation supported Amanda King in engaging an Impact Manager to assist in promoting her film, Where the Water Starts, which launched in 2021.

Amanda worked closely with Yuin Elder, Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison and Richard Swain, the Indigenous Ambassador, who holds an honorary role for the Invasive Species Council, to understand the issues relating to brumbies in Kosciuszko National Park. Both the environmental impacts and the way in which the issue affects the Aboriginal Community and their relationship with this site of significant spiritual significance have been considered The appeal they make is for a limit to be placed on brumbies in the park rather than to remove their presence entirely. The film supports the ongoing work of Richard Swain who continues to campaign.

Image from You’re Safe Til 2024 - trailer

In 2016, NED Foundation supported David Finnigan to begin development of a new performance looking at the human-earth system.

The grant helped scope the development of the Performance project – a presentation that would highlight ‘big picture’ concepts about the future and its implications, given the physical and social boundaries of planet earth.

A solo performance work looking at the entire Human-Earth System - the whole planet as a linked system. The purpose of the show is to allow an audience to engage with the broad scale complexity of the global system ...

The NED Foundation Supports Restorative Practice

The NED Board has an interest in encouraging and supporting the adoption of Restorative Practice in Australia. The founder of NED, Ned Iceton was instrumental in bringing the value of this work to the attention of the NED community.

The board has asked Mary Porter AM, to continue promoting and advancing knowledge of Restorative Practice in Australia and internationally.

The NED Foundation Supports The Social Developers' Network

What is The Social Developer's Network (SDN)?

The Social Developers' Network is a non-profit, free association of people with a commitment to personal and social development.
Social Developers meet at national and regional workshops, to contribute and share knowledge and experiences.
Between workshops Social Developers keep in touch in person, by phone and mail, and online.

In 1975 two long-standing friends, John Russell from Melbourne and Ned Iceton from Armidale organized a first workshop ...