Best Festival Ever: How To Manage A Disaster

Best Festival Ever places the audience in charge of programming and managing their own music festival.  Part theatre show, part performance lecture and part boardgame, Best Festival Ever introduces participants to concepts from Systems Science and asks how we can best understand and manage the complex systems we live in.

"Systems science is abstract and can be difficult to communicate. Boho’s work builds well-crafted, entertaining metaphors, bringing these concepts to life for audiences from all walks of life. We sorely need this kind of experience because many of the show’s systems concepts are missing from our public discourse, and yet we cannot hope to navigate the challenges facing humanity without them." - Dr Nicky Grigg, CSIRO

Boho’s tabletop systems gaming' project has now successfully undertaken seasons in London, Stockholm, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra.

Since October 2014, Boho has presented nearly 50 separate performances of the work for theatres, museums, science institutions, thinktanks, universities, high schools, conferences, policy-makers and corporate audiences.

In 2011, NED provided a small amount of funding that supported David Finnigan’s initial research and development phase for the project. In 2014, NED contributed to the final development of Best Festival Ever. This support was crucial to the creation of and eventual success of the Best Festival Ever project.